How to Download YouTube Videos the Easy Way

YouTube is arguably the world’s biggest and best video sharing site on the internet. If you needed a video of a song, movie, product reviews or a simple how to, chances are that you will find it on YouTube and surprisingly free.

The challenge however comes when you intend to use the video more than once or prefer saving the video on your PC. In almost all cases, YouTube doesn’t have the download option. Take the example of E-zone School of Computing, we have over the years collected video tutorials for our Computer Repair class for use offline. Given the cost and speed of internet, it wouldn’t make sense to watch a how to video online during a lesson only to replay the video multiple times until the concept is internalized. Downloading it once and for all is all we got to do such that the video can be used in future classes even without an Internet connection.

After trying out several methods which promised fast download speeds and unattended downloading, I found a perfect match for my needs – Without the need to update software which may only be used for a few weeks, using this online tool proved a perfect choice.

How its done

In your browser, open YouTube and search for the video you wish to download, click on it and let it start playing. Copy the video url (link).

In another tab, type , press enter and paste the copied url in the area shown below.

Choose your preferred video or audio quality and click convert. The video will be converted in the background and a download page will be displayed. Click Download and voila!

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