Photo Gallery : Highlights of the ICT Teachers Capacity Development Workshop 2019

Like our motto says “Together Against Computer Illiteracy”, our association aims at uniting ICT teachers in pursuit of teaching excellence, awareness, harmony and professionalism with the help of various stakeholders.

As one of the activities to help achieve this, the association organized the 2019 Capacity Development Workshop (CDW) that was hosted by Kololo Senior Secondary School on the 6th and 7th of May 2019.

The workshop attracted over 200 participants from 159 schools all over Uganda. The teachers met, had several sessions on both theory and practical aspects of the ICT curricula, had inspirational sessions by various facilitators, officials and sponsors.

We are currently compiling a detailed report which will be published in the coming weeks, but first, lets share some of the photo moments taken at the two day residential workshop.

To be continued: More Photos, Videos to be added.


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