system programmer/IT

I have an idea and the idea is basically in animations and programming

for example we have to program all things and change the way of designing and basically we have to look at animating softwares and hence we look for marketing and look at the pace.

personnaly am aprogrammer and can use the android studio,java script ,c++ c# etc.


  • Great idea Mr. Agonzibwa.

    If you have a more detailed proposal on how ICT Teachers can get involved in this program, you may share more details. Could this be done through ICT Clubs? Remember most of the teachers are too packed and thus find little time for teaching things outside the syllabus.
    So how can we do this?

    Thanks for sharing.

  • Hello David, good for me and other teachers to know you have such an idea. We are grateful to have you on our platform.


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