Battle of the Foldable Phones: Galaxy Fold vs. Huawei Mate X

Smart phones are increasingly becoming part of our everyday lives. In fact sometimes, you may find some phone not as smart as you would wish. This prompts you to get a better phone.

Smart phone companies are also competing neck to neck to fulfill clients’ needs. But even when you feel a phone has done all you need, the manufacturers introduce yet another feature that you may have never thought of. One feature I couldn’t imagine of and is trending right now is the foldable phone.

At the Mobile World Congress 2019 that is happening in Barcelona, 2 phones are standing out with this feature. The Samsung Fold is facing stiff competition from the Huawei Mate X.  What sets these phones apart? The following paragraphs will make you decide.

1.       Network

While the Huawei Mate X has only 5G, the Galaxy Fold has both 4G & 5G. In a typical Uganda setting, where even 4G is not yet every where, choosing a 5G only phone would reduce your chances of using it when upcountry.

2.       Battery

Here, the Huawei Mate X with a battery capacity of 4,500 mAh beats the Galaxy Folds 4,380 mAh option. The difference though isn’t big and real life performance will be verified only once these phones are released.

3.       Camera

Details about Huawei’s camera are still scanty but the Samsung Fold boasts of a 16 Mega Pixel rear camera. It also features a 10Mega Pixel front camera and from previous versions, this is a trusted camera.

4.       Storage and RAM

Both phones are packed with 512 GB of storage – yes bigger storage than your computer’s hard drive probably. In essence, you might never run out  space. For example, at E-zone Internet café, my computer has a 500GB hard drive and contains all the documents I have worked on in the last 10 years and not yet full. This also means you may never need a memory card since most on the Ugandan market are counterfeit.

With RAM, the Galaxy Fold has the upper hand with 12GB as opposed to the 8 GB on the Huawei Mate X. You may not notice a difference though since this is still too much for the ordinary phone user.

5.       Display

The Huawei Mate X brings you up to 8 inches while the Samsung Galaxy Fold will give you 6.3 inches. Both screens therefore will turn into a tab once unfolded giving you more space to handle document related tasks.

The Samsung’s Galaxy Fold takes the form of a book, with its largest screen on the inside, protected by the outer “cover.” One of the outer covers of the Fold has a screen on it. This is in contrast to the Huawei Mate X which where you have one screen that can act like three, depending on how you hold the phone.

6.       Price

Ugandans are not the type to be left behind by trends and so many will want to be spotted holding the latest trendy gadget. To make heads swing, you will have to part with around Ug. Shs. 7.3 million for the Galaxy Fold or Ug. Shs. 9.6 million for the Huawei Mate.

Meanwhile, as for me, I am still comfortable with my Galaxy S7 Edge and HTC M7 which have given me all these good quality pictures that I share in all my articles and social media engagements.

Stephen Dumba
E-zone School of Computing
0752 111 223 / 0772 111 223