10 Business Ideas for Teachers of ICT

As comrades in the profession, I believe we all agree that the remuneration for our efforts is way below our needs. Therefore, in the quest to find complementary sources of income, we seek advice from all corners of life. We attend self development seminars, read self help books, listen to church sermons and even look to the government ‘etuyambe’. But one piece of advice they will all give us is to follow our PASSION.

In Napolean Hill’s book, he shows us that the starting point of all achievement is DESIRE. So, assuming that you are not a teacher of ICT by accident and would wish to complement your salary, here are 10 business ideas you could think of – thank me later.

1. Writing ICT related books
A teacher of ICT can complement his income by writing books in the field of ICT. The market for such literature is still virgin in Uganda. You can start by writing pamphlets, holiday packages and lab exercises for the students of your school or class and eventually compile an entire book after perfecting your skill.

2. An internet Café
With 5 computers, a 3-in-1 printer and a router, you can add to your income by starting an Internet café. There are many people who still need professionally prepared documents, people who need revenue services like TIN numbers and those who offer external job recruitment services. With room just enough for your equipment in a strategic location, you can surely never go hungry.

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A simple setup of an internet cafe with 6 users.

3. A Secretarial bureau & Stationery shop
You can use your professional ICT skills to create documents for residents of your locality at a fee and people will pay for them. All you need is a PC, a 3-in-1 printer with the associated accessories and you are set to go. I agree that people may be owning computers and printers at their homes but I bet they have ink on demand, a binding machine, a laminating machine and the like. This very business can even be complemented by providing scholastic and office materials like glue, file folders, pins etc.

4. Computer repair workshop
A computer clinic is another good venture if you have aptitude for tech. Repair of computers is becoming easier and easier as many of the accessories simply need replacement. All you need is versions of popular OS and a database of software of even less than 100 GB to get started. You can complement your knowledge with tutorials on youtube and you will be an expert in no time.

The writer, Stephen Dumba working on a PC at E-zone Internet cafe in Nabbingo
The writer, Stephen Dumba working on a PC at E-zone Internet cafe in Nabbingo

5. Web design/Software developer
Web design is one of the topics in the O-Level syllabus. As we teach these youngsters the basics and potential of this wonderful topic, it is imperative that we also look into this as an income generating venture. Many schools around don’t have websites and so an enterprising teacher can look at this gap and fill it in. It would be good advice to start with simple ventures as you perfect your trade and then take on more professional ventures – maybe after some retooling. Further training in software development will bring you opportunities like developing management information systems for schools and other businesses.

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Two of the members of the ICT Teachers’ Association of Uganda, Rogers and Steve have teamed up to start eZone Web Services on top of their profession as teachers.

6. Graphics design
Those with a creative mind in them better venture into graphics design. After having a good background in the basic use of computers, trying out the various graphics software around comes easily for you.  The need for school calendars, magazines, posters and adverts has gone beyond providing information to giving a cool visual appeal to the target market. A creative person in this area would do really well.

A good example among the members of the ICT Teachers’ Association is Agonzibwa David of Virtualbeats IT. He has found passion and built his expertise in the fields of motion graphics and multimedia production . More on David’s work can be found at www.usualpost.com.

David Agonzibwa shares his graphics skills with a group of youth.
David Agonzibwa of Virtualbeats IT shares his graphics skills with a group of youth.

7. Coaching/Facilitation
Since you are already a trained expert in the field of ICT training, you can try out the provision of remedial classes to students. As more and more parents appreciate the impact of ICT, they are investing resources to ensure that their children are not left out. Position yourself as an expert in this field and enjoy the benefits of flexible training with direct deposits to your pockets. The same expertise makes you a potential facilitator with opportunities to serve larger audiences for example schools, seminars and workshops.

Some of the comrades that have taken this route are Mwondha David, Mukalele Rogers, Lukyamuzi Ronald, Matovu David, Ayub Kalema Golooba, Elizabeth Rwabu, Bernard Kakuru and many others.

Mr. Mwondha David, a teacher at King’s College, Budo facilitating at a teachers’ capacity development workshop.

8. Start a school
Your knowledge of ICT is enough for you to start a school. Given the high demand for basic ICT knowledge, you can start with a single room and a few computers to offer fundamental classes to those who may not have had the opportunity to learn computing at their schools. Before long, this school may introduce more courses and hopefully grow into a fully fledged institute.

Vacists attending introductory computer lessons at E-zone School of Computing in Nabbingo.

9. Computers, Phones, Gadgets & Accessories shop
A computer and accessories shop is another venture worth trying out. With your knowledge of computers, gadgets, trends and troubleshooting skills you can be a good source of reference to the un initiated clientele. Even with limited capital, you can start with accessories like memory cards, flash disks, USB cables and slowly grow into a fully fledged shop.

Gadget store on Kampala Rd. is where I buy most of my phone and computer accessories

10. Social Media Marketing
Facebook is one tool that has helped businesses get to larger audiences. Even with this advantage, many businesses are still not aware how best they can leverage this. Presenting yourself as an expert in this field will bring you that extra income you badly need. You can also provide social media marketing as a course in your training institute and create jobs for even more people.

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In conclusion
It is important to note that none of the above businesses is entirely independent of the other. You can have a mix of them at the same premises according to your target market since many of them can complement the other.

Get started!

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