All Best Keyboard Shortcuts

File Menu | Office Menu Ctrl + O Open Ctrl + N New Document Ctrl + S Save To The Default Folder. Ctrl + P Print Edit Menu Ctrl + Z Undo Ctrl + Y Repeat Typing | […]

Are schools taking ICT as a priority?

Although some schools are defying the odds to integrate these ICT tools in their student- learning pedagogy like online Sharing of learning materials through websites and use of online resources […]

The dilemma of ICT Teachers in Uganda

Currently, there are thousands of teachers in Uganda who are not on the government payroll. A majority of these are ICT teachers. You see, when ICT was introduced to A-level […]

Magezi Solutions Launches Virtual School

Magezi Solutions, a pioneer company in the development of software for schools has launched Uganda’s first entirely virtual primary and secondary school. The school, called Magezi Academy, comes at a time […]

How Teachers are using WordPress to Teach Online

The Corona Virus Disease has disruptedall sectors of society including the education sector. With the looming danger,it was inevitable that government had to halt all school programs until thedisease was […]