Abridged Curriculum: NCDC Publishes Final Edited Booklets [Download Here]

The Abridged Curriculum has been made for all continuing Primary and Secondary classes except the new 2022 Classes of Primary One, Senior One and Senior Five that will use the standard curriculum.

The COVID-19 pandemic caused a disruption in our education system and made learners miss schooling for almost 18 months of the 2020-2021 schooling period. This has created a need to re-think what and how learners will learn as schools re-open.

The Ministry of Education and Sports through National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC), has developed an abridged curriculum for Primary and Secondary schools in the country. This curriculum presents a selection of priority learning competences and concepts, along with psychosocial support, which should be the focus of instruction in the 2022 school year in order to achieve learning recovery.

This curriculum is not a departure from the existing curricula for the different classes but rather, a modification of the same with a purpose of recovering the lost learning time with minimum learning loss. It has been packaged for all Primary and Secondary classes with exception of Primary One, Senior One and Senior Five that will use the standard curriculum.

In the foreword included in the curriculum booklets, the Minister of Education and Sports, Hon Janet Museveni, asks all stakeholders to support its implementation as a strategic intervention towards the mitigation of the effects of COVID-19 pandemic on our education system.

The effective implementation of this curriculum by the implementers will be a great milestone towards the recovery of lost learning time and giving hope and confidence to learners and teachers.

Through the acknowledgement message included in the Abridged Curriculum booklets, the Director, National Curriculum Development Centre (NCDC) expresses sincere appreciation to all those who worked tirelessly towards the development of the abridged curriculum for Primary and Secondary levels of education.

Great thanks go to the Specialists, panel members, the Quality Assurance and Editorial Committees that invested heavily in the conceptualization, development and quality assurance processes that collectively delivered the materials that we have here. Their efforts, extra energy and professionalism has been unmatched.

The abridged curriculum was developed with support from The Government of the Republic of Uganda, Save the Children, UNESCO, Uganda National Examinations Board (UNEB), Directorate of Education Standards (DES), Universities, National Teachers Colleges (NTCs) and Primary Teachers Colleges (PTCs).

Download Links

Final versions of the booklets can be downloaded from the publications page of the NCDC website at https://www.ncdc.go.ug/publications,

It should be noted that that some earlier versions of the abridged curriculum have been circulating through social media, they had been leaked from training sessions and were not final:

NCDC takes responsibility for any shortcomings that might be identified in the publications and welcomes suggestions for addressing the gaps. Such comments and suggestions may be communicated to NCDC through P.O. Box 7002 Kampala or email admin@ncdc.go.ug or www.ncdc.go.ug.