Beginners’ Guide to Installing WordPress In cPanel

Activity 1      Logging into your site’s cPanel

  • Enter the details that were sent to your e-mail and then click Log in. You get something similar to this. (Don’t lose the cPanel details.)

Activity 2      Installing WordPress

  • Inside cPanel, scroll down to Software and click on Softaculous Apps


  • Click on WordPress and choose Install Now.
  • Under Software Setup do the following:

Choose any of the protocol and remove the wp

  • Under site settings enter your site name eg. E-zone School of Computing and site description e.g. a motto Education is the key.
  • Under Admin Account leave the admin user name as admin but set a password for your site. Leave the email part as it is.
  • Scroll to the bottom and click Install. You will get a congratulatory message.


Your website is now on the internet. Go to your browser and type and press enter. It may appear funny but that is just a beginning. You’ll get the desired look of it once you choose a theme.

This article was made possible with the permission of Stephen Dumba of E-zone School of Computing and co-ordinator ICT Teachers Association for Central Region.