Corona Virus? Technologies You Can Use to Conduct Classes During Lockdown

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The Corona Virus pandemic is sweeping across the globe with fatalities reported in several countries. With close to 200,000 cases and close to 10,000 deaths, governments are employing drastic measures to counter its impact. The easiest way so far to avoid spread of this virus is by minimizing crowds.

This has already been implemented outside Africa for example where the English premier league has been halted and in the US where some primaries have been postponed. Flights across the globe are being halted and travel between countries reduced to essential travel only. In fact, some airlines have altogether stopped flights until further notice.

This is not good news for schools since we are in the middle of the term. This week, our neighbor Kenya decided that all schools should close. There is a general mood that Uganda may also opt for the same measure. As a teacher of ICT, the physical closure of a school should not stop learning from going on. In this article, I share just some of the technologies you could use to conduct lessons from the comfort of your home with your students in their homes.

Use Facebook Live

If you have a facebook account, you could create a page where you will share your lessons live. Your students could follow you and watch you live at an agreed time as you teach just like you do in class.

Facebook live will even give you statistics of how many students are watching, just like the attendance book would do. The comments section would be used by the students to post their questions or even answer questions as you ask them during the live session.

WhatsApp groups

Another option would be for a teacher to start a WhatsApp group. Chatting in the group will allow you use Video, Audio, Text and also other resources to enhance delivery of a lesson.

Students can also pose and answer questions during the session. You could send them an assignment which can then be sent back using the same platform either individually or in the group.

Start a blog

For a more permanent delivery of your sessions, a blog would be ideal. Facebook Live and Whatsapp sessions are ideally temporary engagements. With a blog (Which you could even get free on WordPress) you could write and post your content which can be accessed at anyone’s time of convenience.

Your blog could have a menu indicating the various topics and the sub-topics as sub menus. WordPress is so powerful that you could even create user accounts for each of your students and build online assessments for your class.

Do you know any other technology teachers can use? Use the comments section below to give us your idea.

Stephen Dumba - ICT Teachers Association of Uganda

Stephen Dumba is the co-ordinator Central Region ICT Teachers Association of Uganda and Director E-zone School of Computing. Besides teaching, he is a veteran Computer Repair Technician, a Web Designer and a regular speaker at tech events and teachers’ workshops.
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  • Google Technologies (Google Classroom, Hangouts, Docs, YouTube) can be ideal since they are not affected by OTT and don’t require a smartphone like WhatsApp for example. Thanks for the article.


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