Edify EdTech Program: ITAU trains 128 schools in term one 2022

The ICT Teachers Association is partnering with Edify Uganda on the Education Technology Program aimed at adding value to the education system through technology.

In first term 2022 alone, 128 schools have been trained on ICT Integration in teaching and learning, under the Edify EdTech program by ITAU in partnership with Edify on the Education Technology Programs and Activities.

About Edify

Edify is a non-profit organization with a mission to improve and to expand sustainable, Christ-centered education globally. Edify partners with entrepreneurs who offer quality Christ-centered education to children in underserved communities, and provides three key resources to help them improve and expand their schools.

The schools trained include the following:

  1. Alpha Kids Care N/Primary School
  2. Arise Junior School
  3. Bright Future Junior School – Butambala
  4. Bugabila Model Junior School
  5. Buntu Bulamu P/S
  6. Busoga Light College – Namulesa
  7. Butembe Ss, Jinja
  8. Buwenge Parents N/ Primary School
  9. Central College Kamuli
  10. Central College Kawaala
  11. Champions Christian School
  12. Cradle Land Nursey And Primary Sch
  13. Crested Crane Education Services
  14. Daystar Nursery And Primary School
  15. Divine Hope N/P School
  16. Divine Junior School Bukerere
  17. Divine Touch Nursery And Primary School Along Katosi Road
  18. Ebenezer Imani N/P School
  19. Edmon Nursery And Primary School
  20. Edusab Infant School
  21. Elasto And Dorah N/P School – Kyetume
  22. Elites Future Nursery And Primary Sch
  23. Exodus Junior School (Nyenga)
  24. Fairfield School
  25. Fairmont High School – Mukono
  26. Family Primary School
  27. Gideon High School
  28. Gilgal Nursery And Primary School
  29. Global Education Center Kamuli
  30. Godwin Infant School
  31. Godwins Infant School
  32. Golden Senior School
  33. Good Heart N/P School Naminage
  34. Good Samaritan Primary School
  35. Happy Stars Nursery And Primary
  36. Happy Years Primary School, Kabuusu
  37. Healing Driven N/P, Jinja
  38. Helm Ss Mukono
  39. Hidden Treasure Community N/P School
  40. Hilton High School
  41. His Grace Kindergarten And Primary School, Kauga – Mukono
  42. His Grace Nursery And Primary School
  43. Homeland Junior School
  44. Hope Community High School
  45. Inland College Naminage
  46. Innerman Primary School
  47. Insight High School
  48. Jinja Parents P/S
  49. Jinja Parents Primary
  50. Jinja Parents Ss
  51. Jinja Parents Ss (Host Venue) 
  52. Joy And Jolly Nur. & Pri  School
  53. Joy Nursery And Primary School
  54. Kampala Standards  N&P School
  55. Kampala Standards N&P School
  56. Katosi Winners Secondary School
  57. Kawala College School
  58. Kawempe Central Vision Primary School
  59. King Of Kings Ss – Buyala
  60. Kingdom Preparatory N/P School
  61. Kitale Community School
  62. Kitangala Nursery And Primary
  63. Kitebi Bright Primary School
  64. Kyabazinga College Kamuli
  65. Lady Elizabeth Nursery And Primary
  66. Light Africa Ss
  67. Light Junior School – Buwenge
  68. Little Cranes Primary Schoo
  69. Lubiri Nabagereka Primary School
  70. Lutengo United Ss
  71. Lwanda High School
  72. Merigen Nursery & Primary School
  73. Meritah Christian Junior School
  74. Mountain Climbers Preparatory School
  75. Mpoma Girls Ss
  76. Mpoma Royal College
  77. Mpumudde High School
  78. Mustard Seed Community P/S
  79. Mustered Seed P/S Busota – Kamuli
  80. My Age Nursery And Primary School
  81. Nagalama Junior School
  82. Najjanankumbi Young Christians School
  83. Naminage Parents Nursery And Primary
  84. Namungoona Parents Senior School
  85. Nawampanda Parents Nursery And Primary School
  86. Nawanyago College Kamuli
  87. New Horizon Nursery And Primary Sch
  88. New Treasure Junior School
  89. Nsuube Sda Ss
  90. Ntawo Trust N/P School
  91. Ntenjeru Convenant Junior School
  92. Ntenjeru Parents Hs
  93. Nyanza High School
  94. Omega And Alpha P/School
  95. Omega Christian High School
  96. Orion Junior School Kamuli
  97. Oxford Junior School
  98. Paul Mukasa S.S
  99. Paul Mukasa Ss – Kigunga Campus
  100. Prince Joseph Academy
  101. Reminant Christian Junior School
  102. Rhomu Care College
  103. Rock Of Joy Nursery And Primary Schoo
  104. Royal College Kamuli
  105. Shalom Primary School
  106. Smile Senior School – Seeta
  107. Sonde Global Junior School Mukono
  108. St. Andrew Model School – Ivunamba
  109. St. Balikuddembe Sec. School
  110. St. Charles Lwanga High School – Lubya
  111. St. Charles Lwanga Primary School, Kanyanya
  112. St. Consolanta N/P School Kisoga
  113. St. Consolanta Nursery And Primary
  114. St. Joseph Junior School Mukono
  115. St. Joseph Katosi Ss
  116. St. Joseph Pilot School
  117. St. Kizito Primary School – Kawempe
  118. St. Mark Cou Kikandwa
  119. St. Martin Nagalama
  120. St. Mary’S Katosi Ss & Primary
  121. St. Peter’S College Buwenge
  122. St. Peter’S College – Buweera
  123. St. Peter’S Nantabulirwa P/School
  124. Standard High School – Iziru
  125. Top’S Junior School
  126. Uganda Martyrs High School
  127. Winston Standard Secondary School
  128. Yana Community Ss Kamuli

Edify Ed Tech Program Outcomes

The following are the target outcomes and strategies set out under the program

OutcomeSample Strategies
School has a functional computer labEdify EdTech Loans for ICT lab establishment, Computer care & maintenance strategy e.g ICT Clubs, provision of support to lab attendants e,g sharing of software and technical trainings
School teachers develop local e-content for teaching and learningContent creation trainings, sustainability through continuous practice e.g teachers type own schemes, exams, class registers, lesson notes/slides every term
School is e-learning and e-communication readyEstablishment of School websites, Kolibri digital library, eLearning Training (Teachers know how to use Google Classroom, Zoom, YouTube, etc)
School uses technology in administrationFoundational trainings for school leaders, School ICT Policy in place, has computer based system for managing admissions, reports, accounts, etc.
School integrates ICT in classroom teaching and learningICT Integration Trainings, reference to ICT Integration framework in New Uganda Lower Secondary Curriculum, Class use of projectors, tablets, smartphones, internet, SmilePi/Internet-In-a-Box, offline digital libraries and other information sources.

Training Areas

  • Creation of Digital Content using a variety of applications such as:
  • Using Microsoft Word to create text documents such as lesson notes, examinations, and quizzes, schemes of work, lesson plans, and school circulars. Participants were taught the basics of formatting text, inserting shapes, diagrams and pictures and inserting tables.
  • Using Microsoft PowerPoint and other tools to create lesson presentations in various subjects. Participants created slides, inserted illustrations, applied design themes, transitions and animations and run a slide show.
  • Communication and collaboration using Google tools such as:
  • Gmail where participants created email addresses to be used for follow up sessions with the facilitators.
  • Google Drive where participants were introduced to cloud storage of their work.
  • Google Docs which participants used as an alternative word processor to share and edit documents.
  • Google slides which participants used as an alternative presentation software processor to share and edit slides.
  • Google sheets which participants used as an alternative spreadsheet software processor to share and edit worksheets.
  • Google classroom where participants created a class, added students and created assignments, exercises and quizzes using forms. They also learnt how to add materials to classroom work in form of files stored on Google drive or the computer, links and YouTube videos.
  • Use of Digital Libraries: ITAU has provided and installed digital libraries in the Edify partner schools and trained the teachers and students how to use them for research. Digital libraries include Britannica, Encarta and Wikipedia Offline
  • Use of Online Digital Libraries / Resourceful Websites like the NCDC Publications (ncdc.go.ug/publications) – for curriculum support materials, such as New Curriculum and  from NCDC website, Sharebility Uganda Public repository / digital library of documents (papers, notes, etc crowdsourced from distinguished schools and institutions) sharebility.net among others
  • Edify Internet In a Box: Edu websites accessed via  Offline LAN or hotspot). Contact Edify Uganda office on how / when to access the devices. Link to Internet in a box online: http://iiab.live/edify-africa
  • Use of Kolibri software to Build own custom School Digital Library. Kolibri Software can be installed offline as a custom offline digital Library with a schools’ computer lab – See instance  at  elearning.nacsu.org.
  • Reference to the ICT Integration Framework in the new curriculum
  • Access the Internet for research using a variety of online and offline resources used in the classroom such as school websites, learning portals, wikis among others.
  • Use their smartphones as access points or hotspots on the laptops and desktops in order to access the Internet.
  • Search for learning materials such as videos, images and lesson notes and download the material on their computers for use in their lessons.

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