How Much Data Do You Need for a Zoom Meeting?

When the Covid-19 pandemic forced the closure of schools in March of 2020, we knew so little about how it would affect the education sector. Early adopters devised ways of engaging their learners remotely while others relied on the hope that this would come to an end soon enough.

Many of the schools that thought it wise to engage learners remotely chose Zoom as the right platform to hold live classes because of its ease of use.

When the Zoom trend spread like a wildfire with most remote engagements preferring it, the questions started coming in. Parents were concerned about the cost of data. Parents would load 5GB of data for their learners only to be depleted before the day’s online lessons were over. So, some decided that it was cheaper for them to bring their children to an internet cafe strictly for online lessons.

What parents don’t know

Today’s world is so demanding that parents spend most of their time making ends meet. This leaves them with no time for their children. In the end, the children will use the data for scouring YouTube for videos of their interest. By the time they join their Zoom classes, the data is depleted. This cycle goes on and on until the parents get fed up and sometimes even stop providing the data.

My experiment