How to find your lost phone

As they say that prevention is better than cure, for you to be able to track and find your lost phone, you must set it up before you are a victim of circumstance.

There are several options available for remotely tracking your phone, but Google’s own Find Device is one of the most convenient. In addition to locating your phone Find Device lets you ring your device, lock it remotely, or even erase the data if your phone goes missing or stolen.

Find Device is not enabled out of the box, you’ll have to manually set it up on your phone. Don’t worry doing so is as simple as eating a piece of cake, and this is how?

Install and enable Find Device.

If your phone doesn’t have a pre-installed Find Device App, you can download it from the play store. The service is available for download even on older devices i.e. all phones running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and above are eligible.

Once the App is installed you have to sign into it with your Google account. Doing so allows the service to essentially link your phone to your Google account. As Find Device relies on Wi-Fi and GPS to pinpoint the location of your device, it requires access to location services. Once you grant access to location services, you should be able to see a map with your phones location highlighted.

Track your phone with ease.

If you need to remotely track your phone, all you have to do is to go to Find Device site and sign in to your Google account (the same that you used while setting up your service). Alternatively you can also perform a Google search with the query, “Find my phone” to start tracking your device.

Once your phone has been located, you will be able to ring your device so it plays a loud sound even if it is on silent mode. This is handy if you have misplaced your phone your inside your house. If you have Google Home you can ask Assistant to ring your device.

But if your phone has been stolen. Remember and please alert the police and do not go further by putting the law into your hands.