How to generate individual documents using Mail Merge Feature

Hallo, i have decided that i should try to give you a simple steps by steps procedure on the use of mail merge feature in Ms Word. 

Step 1

Start by creating an excel file or database file a source of the information whose individual documents you are going to generate.

Note that the first row should contain the table headings.

Step 2

You can now create a word document, format it and make sure it contains the fields that you would like to be generated on individual documents.

Step 3

Go to the mailings tab, go to “select recipients” . Follow the resulting procedures until you are finally taken back to the document you have created in word document. 

Step 4

Place the cursor against each of the respective fields and go to Mailings tab again and this time select “insert merge field”.

The field (from the source file) will be inserted against the field you have created.

Step 5

After inserting all the merge fields, you will still need to be in the Mailings tab, but this time on the right side of your screen, select finish and merge. 

You can later choose to print all the individual documents or simply save the newly and auto generated document. 

Thank you for following. Remember there are other procedures as well and still you might come up with the same result.