Keyboard Shotcuts, a tool every User should know

Key board shot cuts, a tool every computer user, wizard, geek, hacker e.t.c. needs.

One thing I have realized is people say I am a very fast guy when it comes to typing and when I went home and I tried doing things the normal way I realized that I am always a very slow thing. I couldn’t even make 50wpm meaning that if it comes to a typewriter, I wouldn’t make 50 pages a day. So I sat back and gave credit to my CTRL key together with ALT and SHIFT. Here in are a list of common commands and keyboard help tricks. Starting with the basics, these keyboard shortcuts include key combinations that means that you will have to hold two or more keys except in some computer programs where even the function keys come in handy and only one will give you a magic touch.

Ctrl + C  will help you to copy selected content from one place to another just as Ctrl + X will cut every selected content, this includes selected text, files, documents, software among others. Ctrl + B will help you to bold in some word editors while a combination of A, I, U, G, P, =, +, Select all, italicize, underline, grouping, print (same as Ctrl + F2), subscript and superscript respectively. Also note that super script requires a shift since +  is on the same key as (=) but up.

Also note that that for all elements that appear above another element (or appear on the upper part of the keys on the keyboard) are pressed with a shift. Again note that print also works in other programs and interfaces too

Ctrl + V will paste anything from clipboard and F1 will open a help file or note (depending on the software maker some add note some help file). Ctrl + S and F12  helps me to save while dealing with the word editors while Ctrl + Shift + S will do the same in the adobe packages. Alt + = helps me to open the equation editor in Microsoft word. Many more like typing 1,2,3 and then dragging downwards in Excel will auto number for you to the end. Just as this is exciting Ctrl + Home and Ctrl + End moves the I-Beam to the Begining and End of a sentence or paragraph respectively. Ctrl + K helps me to create hyperlinks in Microsoft word and some other word editor. I feel like writing more but it’s a lot to spill. Before I can forget I find the escape key very helpful since it helps me to close unwanted message boxes and also close command prompts. Ctrl + D and Windows Key + M will minimize for me to see the desktop, Ctrl + Shift + Esc and Alt + Ctrl + Delete will open the Task Manager and other security measures depending on Nature of Operating System. Ctrl + F helps you to search both in browsers, explorer windows, and many more different software packages. Windows key + E  helps me get to file explorer (my computer or recents depending on operating system). Windows key + R opens the Command Prompt for me. Windows key + U opens the system dialogue for me and so I can walk around.