MWALIMU Tab: Promoting Digital Inclusion for Teachers

The world is not only getting digital but also, more increasingly, mobile. Actually, since 2016, more websites are now loaded on smartphones and tablets than on desktop computers worldwide. Digitalization and digital technologies have found their way in education and school world as well. Many Schools are increasingly understanding the value of mobile technologies for educational purposes. More and more tablets and smartphones are being used for teaching and learning all around the world.

During the recently concluded Digital Pedagogy workshop which was conducted at the American Center in Kampala, teachers were inspired to acquire and make use of digital devices such at the Mwalimu Tabs. Mr. Mbanda Shyaka, the CEO of TOD Idea Limited, delivered a presentation about the MwalimuTab, to the teachers using his Tablet which was wirelessly connected to the projector. As he swiped through his presentation, I admired the level of flexibility and mobility he had as he walked around the room, interacting with the audience.

Mbanda Shyaka, the CEO of TOD Idea Limited making a presentation about the Mwalimu Tab during the recent Digital Pedagogy Workshop at the American Center.

When I was given one of the MwalimuTabs to look at, I explored and tested a variety of apps which come preinstalled. The MwalimuTab is surely a revolutionary tool that’s going to allow teachers to learn ICT from the interactive Apps spurning a wide range of ICT topics, Video tutorials and textbooks, practice what they’ve learnt from the past papers and marking schemes and also give the teachers a platform to use their newly acquired skills. It also comes with the Yaaka Digital Network app installed which gives access to digital content based on Uganda’s pre-primary, primary and secondary curricula. Teachers can research for lessons, collaborate with fellow teachers, students, communicate and inform as well as create digital content for use in class using the Mwalimu Tab.

Specifications of the Mwalimu Tab 2.0

  • Memory (RAM): 3 GB
  • Internal Storage: 32 GB
  • CAMERA:13 MP

Price : 950,000/=

  • In addition, the tablet has apps for lesson planning, teaching instruction, Class attendance, Printing documents, Internet browsing, Microsoft Office  Apps and Calling.
  • It also gives you endless  FREE Entertainment!: MwalimuTab Entertainment includes Mobdro and Movie HD exclusive to MwalimuTab, No  need to suffer with monthly subscriptions for DSTV, Sports , TV channels, podcasts , Movies , Games etc all in one place, Wattpad  and English Novels for leisure reading.

MwalimuTab Loan 

TOD Idea limited entered a partnership with Centenary Bank to avail MwalimuTabs at a more affordable monthly rate of UGX 170,500 for 6 months or UGX 90,700 for 12 months. All you need to get this loan is your Appointment Letter, National ID, Financial Card / 30,000/= off Account, Coloured Passport Photo, Minimum balance of 30,000/= , 20,000/=  for Legal Fees and Filled Application forms.

The EduTAB: digital companion for children

In addition to the MwalimuTab, TOD IDEA limited also developed the EDUTab as another tool of integrating ICT in education. It includes great Apps, Videos and Books to help children develop the right cognitive abilities to enable them be open to lifelong learning.

The EduTab is a tablet PC with educational content for different age groups; Nursery, Lower Primary, Upper Primary and Secondary. The EduTab is meant to address the limitations of our outdated current education system, a system that doesn’t impart essential 21st century skills of collaboration, critical thinking and communication.

The Apps, Videos and Books on the EduTab are created to stimulate the brain of the child in order for them to be open to life long learning. One of the local apps on the EdutTab is Nkoza & Nankya, a 3D Animated Children’s Video and Book Series, Fostering a Love for Reading, Creativity and Storytelling that “Creates an EduTainment experience that explores and teaches Youth and Adults alike, the value of Ugandan Culture, Languages, History and Geography.” The Edutab gets your child OFF your phone, and keeps them engaged in a more suitable, gainful way.

A child interacting with TheEduTab

For more inquiries and orders, you can call / WhatsApp the sales team on +256757112376/ +256752692555 or submit your contacts through this google form and I shall forward it to the sales team to contact you.

In the end, it’s the teachers’ beliefs about ICT in education and their understanding of the value and purpose of ICT which will determine if and how they will use ICT in class.

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Article by Mukalele Rogers, National Coordinator – ICT Teachers Association of Uganda (ITAU) 2018-2020