Uganda ICT Teachers on polls.

The Uganda ICT teachers under their umbrella of ITAU are running a secret ballot to allow cover up vacant positions for central region as some members were elevated to the NEC.

The ICT teachers usually gather up every year at Kololo Secondary School to discuss and review way forward to help coordinate learning in both rural and urban centers.

According to the ITAU National Coordinator Mr. Mukalele Rogers the polls are aimed at empowering all people to participate in a free and fair online poll as ICT teachers. He also commended that the association will possibly start having regional meet ups for ICT teachers for the whole country.

However Mr. Lukyamuzi Ronald who was heading the ITAU Central region before being voted to Vice Chairperson NEC last year encouraged all members to vote freely and elect leaders who will look at development for ICT education in Uganda.


The following are the election rules issued by Mr. Lukyamuzi, who is also acting as the returning officer of this election:

  1. The Election shall be online and shall be conducted at the website.
  2. No person shall be allowed to vote more than one time.
  3. There shall be no campaigning on the election day.
  4. No candidate shall be allowed to intimidate voters.
  5. The election shall be conducted from 8:00 am up to 10:00pm.
  6. No voter shall be given extra time to vote.
  7. No person has a right to declare the results of the election unless the Electoral Commission
  8. No candidate and voter shall be allowed to vote unless he/she has registered to the website.
  9. No person shall be registered and approved on the Election day on the website.
  10. The result of the Election shall be declared in a period not later than two hours after closure of the Election.
  11. (added) If the same candidate wins two positions, he/she takes on his prefered/primary position and then the second candidate in the other post takes that post.
  12. Subject to the provisions of the ITAU Constitution,any aggrieved candidate may petition the NEC for an order that a candidate declared by the Electoral Commission elected in the given position was not validly elected.
  13. Violation of the any above rules and regulations may lead to penalization.


Open your browser and search for Uganda ICT Teachers
Step 1: Open your browser and search for Uganda ICT Teachers
Step 2: Look out for the link to the ICT Teachers Association Website ( )
Step 3: Your browser will display the ITAU website.
Step 4: Click on the link to the VOTING PAGE in the header
Step 5: On this page, click on the Login here link if your browser is not yet logged in to your account.
Step 6. Type in your registered email and password in the login form, or click on the Forgot your password? link to initiate the password reset process in case you dont remember it.
If you dont have an account yet, you will have to
register here first.
Step 7. After successfully logging in, Click on the Voting Page link in the hearder once again to access the ballot!
Step 8: You can now VOTE on this page. If you dont know the candidates yet, you can first read through their manifestos published here in order to make more informed decisions.

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