Why your school needs E-SchoolPlus

In modern world, where every sector is being modified by advanced technologies, how can education can remain untouched? This is the reason that massive level tech developments are taking place in educational sector. Most of the colleges, schools and educational institutions are opting for modern education model, where entire system is controlled and monitored with the help of cutting edge technology. And to assist this area with superb technologies and advanced education system, E-SchoolPlus is here with all its brilliant resources. E-SchoolPlus can help your institution in the following areas:
 Accounts: Reduce forgeries by students and staff. All the financial transactions go through the system. Parents and guardians are able to log in verify whether the school fees have been paid. Bank reconciliation helps your school to match your bank statements with banks slips submitted
 All the information about your various processes are stored in one place and are accessible at the click of the button.
 Unlike other systems on the market, E-SchoolPlus offers more features and yet it still remains affordable.
 It’s very user friendly. The system was built with the end user in mind. Any person with bare minimum computer skills can use E-SchoolPlus
 Track and analyze academic, financial, book borrowing, inventory movement and discipline trends in your school using different filters in e-SchoolPlus. This data will go a long way to help you institution make sound administrative decisions.
 Generate receipts and invoices for the income earned using the system.
 Generate academic report cards for students at a click of a button. Through e-SchoolPlus, you will be able to print an individual report or bulk reports for the whole stream or class.
 It’s hosted in the cloud and this saves your institution the costs of setting up infrastructure. All you need is a computer connected to the internet.

 Control privileges through advanced user management functions of e-SchoolPlus software allow you to assign different privileges to different users.
 Decision-aid: A complete decision support system for the management with multiple report generation capability
 SMS and E-mail integration to enable communication between staff, parents and students.
 Training of your staff and one year support at no extra charge.
 Student Management: Get easy access to student particulars, their grades, schedules, address, parents’ info, disciplinary records, extra-curricular activities, and any reports, anytime.
 Fee Management: A simple and straight-forward fee tracking module that helps you track fees effectively.
 Security: Highest security at User Level, Module Level, Form Level & Database Level.
 Track the he performance of the child is the prime consideration of the parents and it becomes a boon when they are instantly in contact with the institution.
 SchoolPlus lets the parents to monitor the performance, discipline, financial statements and health of their child at any needed hour and can also take part enthusiastically in the child’s education.
 Online noticeboard accessible to all users is a one-stop source for vital, up-to-the-minute information, the event calendar is a vast improvement over old-fashioned paper datebooks.

System requirements for e-SchoolPlus

 E-SchoolPlus can be hosted on the cloud (Online). This saves your institution a lot of resources in procurement of hardware like servers and cabling. All you school needs is computers that are connected to the internet! We highly recommend this version of e-SchoolPlus
 Local Area Network (LAN) based version. This is will require your institution to have physical networks to get most out of the software.

e-SchoolPlus comes with security and auditing features allowing you to define users, user roles and passwords. Different types of access rights may be given to every user role for any module, report or function within e-SchoolPlus.
e-SchoolPlus also boasts of user audit trail. Here, the administrator is able to see what values were changed in the system.
All data stored in e-SchoolPlus is encrypted with 256-bit AES, SSL securities. Access to e-SchoolPlus instance is secured by unique ID & password for each user type on web. Users can only access account(s) related to them. Data stored in e-SchoolPlus cloud with multiple redundancy and disaster recovery processes to ensure clients data is always accessible.

Training and support
 On ground training and supporting of your staff throughout the rollout and implementation phase.
 Available online 24-7 to support you.
 12 hours phone support.
 We roll up new updates and teach your staff on how to make most out of the updates.
 Customize the system to meet the requirements of your school.
Proposed activities
 Meet the management for a presentation/demonstration of how e-SchoolPlus works and agree a way forward
 Work with the technical team to import and set up the data as per the school’s processes and needs.
 Pre-test the system
 Develop a user manual for the school
 Train all users on how to use e-SchoolPlus
 Prepare and submit an implementation and progress report

 E-SchoolPlus software installed and working in all user departments of your education institution

 All staff trained in the use of the software
 User manual for your users
 Implementation report

By: TUMUSIIME EMMANUEL (Emma_da_computerguy)