How to Break Windows 10 Password

Ever since the Government of Uganda introduced ICT as a subject at A Level, more and more schools are investing in computer labs. As I write this article, almost every secondary school in Uganda has some sort of computer lab.

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In my experience as computer lab attendant, one of the challenges I faced was, students who personalized the computers with their own passwords. Initially, this wasn’t a problem as I would simply re-install the operating system. But one day, I brought the school secretary’s computer to the lab for routine maintenance. I left the computer unattended and by the time I returned, some crafty student had locked it with a password. This is the PC that had the bulk of the school’s official documents and there was no way I was going to lose them.

How I broke the Windows Password

It downed on me that I had to invest in a password breaking software. Luckily, my network of friends in the business of computer repair was big and finding a solution wasn’t hard. Although breaking a Windows XP was easy, you had to get an advanced tool to do the same for Windows 7 and Windows 10.

Step 1: Make a bootable flash disk of the password tool

Step 2: Boot your computer from the bootable flash disk.

You could also use a CD. Read this article on how to make a bootable Flash.

Step 3: Choose the user whose password you intend to break

Step 4: Confirm that you intend to break that user’s password by clicking Yes.

You get a confirmation that the password has been reset

Step 5:           You can now restart your PC.

Are you interested in this tool, kindly get me using the contacts below.

Stephen Dumba - ICT Teachers Association of Uganda

Stephen Dumba is the co-ordinator Central Region ICT Teachers Association of Uganda and Director E-zone School of Computing. Besides teaching, he is a veteran Computer Repair Technician, a Web Designer and a regular speaker at tech events and teachers’ workshops.
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