ICT Teachers React to UNEB programming question in UCE Computer Studies 2018

Last year, UNEB set a precedent by setting a question requiring algorithm design (using pseudo code or flow charts)in UCE Computer Studies. Now after the recent UCE computer studies examination results which were recently released with the rest of the UCE results showed general poor performance in computer studies, we have also received reports from […]

Battle of the Foldable Phones: Galaxy Fold vs. Huawei Mate X

Smart phones are increasingly becoming part of our everyday lives. In fact sometimes, you may find some phone not as smart as you would wish. This prompts you to get a better phone. Smart phone companies are also competing neck to neck to fulfill clients’ needs. But even when you feel a phone has done […]


Solomon Atwine born on 16 January 1994 in the district of Ntungamo. he is second born out of the 8 children of the family but also 2nd out 4 from 5 children of the real mother and luckily surviving with his sister. from a family of Banyankole of Mr. Arthur Muhereza Makubbe. went to Nyakibigi […]

Shortlist: Nominated ICT teachers for the ITAU By Elections, Feb/Mar 2019

Following a call for nomination of representatives from all regions to fill the vacant posts on the ITAU Executive, the following ICT Teachers have been duly nominated under the stated posts. NB: We received a total of 53 nomination form submissions, from the entire country but nominations have not been successful because only the those […]


get your barcode in a minute

In most cases we have always wanted to make our books look nice and genuine to the eyes of customers. but however we have always been challenged by the designers telling us that obtaining aqr code is worth 20,000 per book.. meeting the cost around Nasser these days would seem so hectic hence leaving the […]

What You Need to Set Up a Simple Computer Lab

Since government introduced ICT as a compulsory subject at A level, computer labs are no longer a fancy investment for schools but a necessity. Whereas some schools have the financial muscle to setup modern computer labs with the latest equipment, not many can afford it. However, there too are many schools with the financial ability […]